About Us

Tucked away in the historical city of Istanbul, Turkey, Filigranist Jewelry is now going to its third decade and firmly established as one of the city’s leading jewelers, our iconic Filigree has been meticulously handcrafted in a range of breath-catching unique jewelry in the city.

We provide a complimentary design service to all of our customers to guarantee that they receive the product they have envisioned for themselves. Mr. JAJA, our famous Master Artisan, with more than 35 years of experience in designing Filigree Jewelry along with our designers will collaborate with you to make your new jewelry piece, which will then be manufactured in our in-house production workshop.

We feel it is exciting for customers to be a part of the design process for their jewelry, from picking stones to completion. As such, we prefer to include you in the many phases of creating, with our workshop onsite where you can come at any time to be a part of its development.

Our wide range of collections are being sold in France, Germany, UK, Canada, and USA in some major TV marketplace for more than 10 years and all of our productions contain 925 Sterling Silver and gemstones.

Our extensive collection of Filigree Jewelry comprises, to mention a few, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces, Rings, and Bracelets.

We feel that ART should not be so valuable that it is merely displayed on a shelf. As a result, we make it wearable jewelry, beautiful objects, and unforgettable presents. Design should not be so far removed from our culture that we are unable to decorate it. We seek to resurrect and popularize that art of Filigree to the world.



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