What is Filigree Jewelry?

  • by Mert Balkan
What is Filigree Jewelry?

What is silver filigree?



Jewelry and other tiny metalworks sometimes incorporate the delicate metalwork known as filigree. Filigrene or filigrann are other names for it. It is a highly distinctive craft style that resembles fine jewelry workmanship. Typically, it is constructed of gold and silver. The craft work's components can also be small beads, twisted threads, or a creative combination of the two.

What does filigree mean in jewelry?

The intricate weaving and twisting of small metal strands into filigree creates objects with extraordinary texture and intricacy. Filigree is meticulously and patiently crafted by hand, beginning with the stretching of metal into thin, threadlike strands.

What style jewelry is filigree?

Filigree jewelry is seen in many areas in terms of styles such as neckaleces, rings, earrings. It can be seen in any type of jewelry you like. It comes with gold, silver and rose gold. You can buy these type of jewelry for your mother on your mothers day.

Which place is known for silver filigree work?

The centuries-old Chandi Tarakasi, or silver filigree skill, is the reason Cuttack is known as the "Silver City of India." When the Mughals established their dominion in India, the craft is thought to have been introduced to Odisha.
What does filigree mean in a ring?

It is possible to think of filigree engagement rings as having a complex, ornate pattern made of metal. The definition of filigree in the jewelry industry is fairly specific. An ornament in which a fine, flexible, precious metal thread—usually made of platinum or palladium—is employed, coiled or twisted into the desired design, and then soldered onto the jewelry's face.

What era is filigree?

Filigree has been used in jewelry from 3,000 BC, according to archeological discoveries from ancient Mesopotamia. The 15th century saw the creation of "telkari," a type of filigree made with silver and gold wires that is unique to the city of Midyat in the Mardin Province of upper Mesopotamia.

What is Milgrain and filigree?

The name is derived from the Latin words for thread and grain, filum and granum. When jewelers use a "knurling" tool to create a delicate border of minuscule indentations and bumps on the edges of a design, this is known as milgrain.

Is filigree jewelry valuable?

Along with its endearing aesthetic appeal, filigree items continue to maintain their worth due to rising gold prices and interest in Art Deco patterns. Age, condition, creator, carat level, and the complexity of the design may all affect a piece's value.

How do you clean silver filigree jewelry?

Take your jewelry items first, and use a soft towel to gently clean them. 

To fill up the cracks, use a gentle paintbrush.

The jewelry can then be cleaned and polished with a jeweler's cloth which is provided by our company for complimentary.

Make careful to keep your jewelry in a zip-lock bag or a closed box with a soft muslin cloth cover


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